24.02.2021 00:00
Ahead of tourist season

Ahead of the tourist season, highlighting the role of natural monuments in the tourism industry, in an effort to ensure a fairly good, environmentally sound and well ordered tourist visits, to reduce the harmful effects on tourist attractions, to streamline pollution and waste matters, and to exclude cases of illegal use, Minister of Environment  Romanos Petrosyan addressed a letter to  the RA Governors, asking for their support, to instruct the local self-government bodies to take measures to protect the natural monuments in their communities and to reduce the negative anthropogenic impacts on thereof.
Only due to fruitful cooperation between territorial administration and local self-government, it is possible to achieve the desired results in the shortest time period.
Note that there are 232 natural monuments in the Republic of Armenia.
The Minister addressed another letter to the the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources to assume special measures to ensure relevant supervision over natural monuments.
Minister Romanos Petrosyan has repeatedly urged  all the citizens of Armenia to have more caring attitude towards the nature and the environment, not to pollute it, jointly preserving and protecting the rich biodiversity of Armenia.
Each of us, whether responsible for the policy of the sphere, a member of the community or a tourist, is instrumental in improving the environmental situation in Armenia.