Environmental monitoring

"Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" State Non-Commercial Organization (EMIC SNCO) supervises monitoring and assessment of quality of atmospheric air, surface water and groundwater, atmospheric precipitation, soil and bottom sediments.



Quantitative data on rivers, lakes and reservoirs of RA, Lake Sevan (daily hydro meteorological bulletins)

     The second quarter of 2020
     The first quarter of 2020

     Annual Bulletin of 2019
     The fourth quarter of 2019
     The third quarter of 2019
     The second quarter of 2019
     The first quarter of 2019

      Annual Bulletin of 2018
      The fourth quarter of 2018
      The third quarter of 2018
      The second quarter of 2018  
      The first quarter of 2018

      Annual Bulletin of 2017
      The fourth quarter of 2017
      The third quarter of 2017
      The second quarter of 2017


More detailed information on environmental monitoring can be found in EMIC SNCO website